The Great Heroes Of Serbian Middle Ages

For the first time, viewers will be able to see some artifacts and archeological sites from medieval times that have never been filmed before.


Each episode tells a story about the life and the destiny of one of the great heroes of Serbian Middle Ages. With the abundance of illustrations, including those that are graphic/digital and the costumed, re-enacted ones, we will see stories about Marko Kraljevic, Emperor Dusan, brothers Vukasin and Ugljesa Mrnjavcevic, Prince Lazar, Vuk the Fiery Dragon, Milos Obilic, Vuk Brankovic, and learn about the political, economic and social situation, as well as all the other aspects of life in Serbia at the time.


The viewers will get a chance to see the reconstructions of actual events through the combination of modern animation and re-enacted segments. With the authentic costumes and props, stories about medieval heroes will "be brought to life" by actors, a number of extras, members of the association "White Eagles" aiming to preserve traditional Serbian crafts and skills, knights of the Serbian Knighthood Order "Svibor "and the Knighthood Druzhina SVE.ARH.

Genre: Docudrama/History

Country of production: Serbia

Year of production: 2017.

Broadcast channel: RTS

Duration: 10 x 30'

Autrhor/Director: Gordan Matic


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