Santa Maria della Salute

This is a biographical movie about one of Serbias’ greatest poets Laza Kostic.

"Santa Maria della Salute" is a biographical series about one of Serbias' greatest poets Laza Kostic. It paints an exciting picture of Vojvodina and Serbia during the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Laza Kostic was a national fighter for the liberation of Vojvodina and its unification with Serbia. He was a member of the parliament in Pest and was in the assembly of founders of Matica Srpska (One of the oldest cultural, and scientific centers in Serbia)

 In Novi Sad, after he returned from Pest in 1864. He was the first to translate Shakespeare to Serbian. He was an essayist and the author of the most beautiful love song written in the Serbian language (Santa Maria della Salute). He deserves a series of this length and format not only because of the vast collection of writings he has left us, but also because of the fate he had.

The platonic love Laza Kostic shared with a much younger woman, Lenka Dundjerski, the daughter of his godfather and benefactor, the wealthy merchant, Lazar Dundjerski which ended tragically will surely attract the attention of a wide audience

Genre: Romance/Drama

Country of production: Serbia

Year of production: 2016 

Broadcaster: RTS

Duration: 118' HD

Screenplay and Director: Zdravko Sotra

Cast: Vojin Cetkovic, Tamara Aleksic, Svetlana Bojkovic, Dejan Lutkic, Nebojsa Dugalic...


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