The Group

“The Group” isn’t typical police investigation series. It isn’t just the picture of Serbian society and youth, nor a simple base for a love story. It’s a complex drama with realistic depiction of everyday life. Family misfortunes, the underground and all present new technologies are entwined and tangled.


Series "The Group" is RTS' new drama series with three interesting storylines. The main character of the first storyline is a policeman Gaga. The leads of his crime investigation suggest that Strahinja is involved in the murders.

The second storyline revolves around a criminal Strahinja, who, through blackmails and bribes, tries to legalize his business.
The third storyline is about teenager Vanja who, as a victim of the unfortunate circumstances, finds himself trapped between the policeman and the criminal. He has tough choice to make, to choose this or the other side of the law.


Genre: Drama, Crime
Country: Serbia
Year of production: 2019.
Season I episodes: 11x50
Cast: Igor Bencina, Vojin Cetkovic, Jasna Djuricic, Milica Trifunovic, Tijana Markovic, Branka Katic, Bojan Zirovic, Jana Milosavljevic, Matea Milosavljevic.
Screenplay: Katarina Mitrovic, Stasa Bajac, Djordje Milosavljevic, Strahinja Madzarevic, Gvozden Djuric, Vladimir Djurdjevic.
Authors/Directors: Uros Tomic, Ivan Stefanovic, Slobodanka Radun, Jelena Gavrilovic, Nemanja Ceranic, Milos Radunovic, Misa Terzic.

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