Serbian team for Kyiv

Tijana Bogićević will be accompanied on stage in Kyiv by backing vocalists Jelena Đurić, Sanja Bogosavljević, Jelena Pajić and dancer Boris Vidaković.

Jelena Đurić

As a child she showed talent for singing. She was a soloist in two choirs in elementary school, where she started performing and contesting. She also sang in the church choir "Sveti Sava". She went to the "Super voice" singing school. Since she turned eighteen, she works as a professional singer and has been a soloist in many famous Belgrade bands, as well as a backing singer for many famous performers in the region, as well as at the music contest "Operacija Trijumf".

In the years 2008, 2013 and 2016 she sang the back vocals for Serbia's Eurovision song with Jelena Tomašević, "Moje 3" and Sanja Vučić ZAA. She also made it to the finals in "X Factor". She won first prize at the "Ohrid Festival" in Macedonia in 2015, where she performed a duet with Vlatko Ilievski that won that two first prizes - both from the jury and the audience.

Sanja Bogosavljević

Born in Belgrade in 1979. After she completed music high school, she studied Piano at the Faculty for Music in Belgrade. For years now she is active on the music scene in Belgrade as a vocalist in Serbian and cover bands. This is the fourth time Sanja's voice is to be heard on Euro Song.

She has previously performed there in 2007 with Marija Šerifović, in 2011 with Nina and in 2015 with Bojana Stamenov. She had many performances with the band Beauty Queens which was formed after the Euro Song contest in 2007. From this collaboration, an album named "Ne mogu te naći" came to exist.

Jelena Pajić

Born in 1984. She expressed great talent for music since a very young age, espetially talent for singing. She had her first singing experience at the age of twelve, performing with her father, Zoran's band, who played the guitar. At the age of seventeen she sang as a back vocal on tour with Hari Mata Hari. She was a member of the group Frenky, The Scandal Band and the band Rotacija. She sang back vocals on tour and on live performances with Željko Joksimović, Saša Matić, Aca Lukas. Ana Stanić, Kemal Monten and others. She sang over two hundred songs in studio and her vocal was heard backing many of our famous artists such as Aleksandra Radović, Marija Šerifović, the Lexington band, Lepa Brena and many others.

In 2015. as one of the five back vocals, she performed at Eurosong with Knez, the contestant from Montenegro. She received a degree in management from the Quincy College in Boston, USA. She worked as a front desk mannager in one of the most famous studios in New York, the Quad Recording Studios.

Boris Vidaković

Born in 1992. He has been in dancing since the age of seventeen. He started with hip hop and break dance. He studies contemporary dance at the Institute for Artistic dance in Belgrade.

He is a member of the dance club Dance Factory, with which he won first place in the category contemporary dance - formations at the European championship in Poland in 2016. He sometimes performs in the Terazije and Bitef Theatre.

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