42 countries at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv

The organizers of the Contest from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) announced that 42 countries will take part in the 64th Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place on 14, 16, and 18 May 2019, in Tel Aviv.

The following year, the most popular music contest in the world will have one participant less than it had this year in Lisbon since Bulgaria definitely withdrew, as it was announced earlier, due to the financial reasons.

The following countries will be at the festival in the administrative center of Israel, in Tel Aviv.

Participating Countries:
Albania, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Belarus, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Georgia, Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Armenia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Malta, Moldavia, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, expressed his delight over the great response of the public national broadcasters willing to participate in this global event.

- Last season, Neta dared to dream and won in Lisbon to return the trophy to her country. We hope that the other competitors will also be inspired by the same dream - said Ola Sand, and added that organizers in Israel are working hard on preparations for the upcoming event. He believes it will be memorable.

Eldad Koblenz, director general of the public broadcaster KAN also expressed his thoughts on this matter and said that they are eager to receive 42 nations as their guests in May, and help them achieve the same success Neta had in Lisbon.


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